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Greetings! Our company, [your company] would  like to invite you to become a sponsor for our [name of event such as: NicetoPet Event]. Our event, [describe event such as: a pet meet and greet], will take place in [date of event]. We believe you would be a good fit because you [specify why sponsor is a good prospect such as: own a pet grooming business], and the [NicetoPet Event] would be an excellent opportunity to increase your brand visibility, create new business relationships and generate new clients.

The annual [NicetoPet Event] is a popular event among the [target audience of the event] and is in its [number of years doing the event]. Last year, more than [footfall number] attended the event. This year, we are expecting around [footfall number] because [explain why such as: everyone is dying to show off their pets].

Benefits of being a sponsor at  [NicetoPet Event]:

As we have previously mentioned, we will bring the following benefits to your company:

  1. Recognition for [sponsor company] on all event-related marketing and promotional collateral: invitations, emails, posters, and social media posts.
  2. Sponsor listing on all event signage and in the event program.
  3. Sponsor recognition and link from the event page on [NicetoPet Event]'s website.
  4. A table for [number of people] for [sponsor company] at the event 
  5. [Number of free passes] free passes for [sponsor company] 
  6. Opportunity to market through giveaways and marketing materials for attendees
  7. [Sponsor company] to get a mention on all media platforms, print media, and social media
  8. Opportunity for stage presence
  9. [Detail more benefits]
So what's it going to cost?








Price Item 1
1 5.00 5.00 0.00 0.50 5.50
Price Item 2
1 10.00 10.00 0.00 1.00 11.00
Price Item 3
1 15.00 15.00 0.00 1.50 16.50
Total 33.00
Terms and conditions

Following are the terms and conditions of our partnership: 

Relationship of Parties: 

Upon the acceptance of this proposal, [sponsor company] shall come on board as a Sponsor for the event [NicetoPet Event], organised by [your company]. There shall be no other relationship between [sponsor company] and [your company] besides that of a Sponsor and Organizer until the completion of the Event. 


[Sponsor company] shall make the payment of the Sponsorship amounting to [written dollar amount] dollars ([numerical dollar amount]) to [you company] before [time period] of the Event Date, in USD through [payment mode].

Governing Law: 

A Sponsorship Contract will be sent in case [sponsor company] engages with [your company]. All matters relating to this Sponsorship Contract shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of [identify country, city, state or whichever is applicable] and will be exclusively decided by the federal and state courts of [identify country, city, state or whichever is applicable].

Use of Titles, logos, and images: 

The [sponsor company] hereby authorizes [your company] to use its logo and associated trademarks, which the [sponsor company] must provide on time so that promotional steps can be taken.


The [sponsor company] [Is Required/Is Not Required] to send a representative to the [NicetoPet Event].

Changes in Partnership:

The terms and conditions may not be modified unless both parties agree to it in writing.


After the event is successfully completed and the sponsorship payment is received, the sponsorship will cease.

Acceptance and signature

We hope and are very excited to get you on-board. You can show your consent by signing below. 

[Sponsor Company]


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[Your Company]


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[Contact details]



[Contact details]

About Us

[Your company] is a full-scale event planning and production company. Established in [year], we have done and successfully organized and implemented [number of events] events. 

Our event planning services expand from a variety of events based on your wants and needs.We offers strategic planning, stunning design and superior production and management services for events of any structure or size. No matter what your budget is, [your company] will make it happen without compromising innovation, the WOW factor, and the epic event experience for you and your guests!