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Dear [Names of couple]

Congratulations on getting married! You are on your way to your most magical moment!

Now that you’ve made this commitment, it’s time to start planning the wedding of your dreams. 

The first thing you need to do is create a budget and your wish list. If you are like most couples, you want to take the most cost-effective options, from the invitation to the perfect dress, reception buffet menu, flowers to giveaways. Don't worry we got you! From conceptualising your theme down to your grand exit [your company] will take care of it! 

After years of providing wedding planning clients in the South, one of the main things [your company] learned is that every couple is looking for their bespoke event. That’s why we work with clients to provide their most memorable moment.

In the following pages, you will find the checklist of things you need to consider, the services we offer, packages that suit your needs, and working costs to fit your budget.

Best Regards,

[Name of Sender]
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Wedding Checklist and planning Milestones

We have created a checklist specifically for your planned schedule which is on [Date].  We broke it down per milestone and made the planning process into bite-size pieces to make it less overwhelming for you.

12 Months To Go:

  • Identify budget
  • Conceptualize theme and decide formality
  • Make a guest list
  • Select venue for ceremony and reception

11 Months To Go:

  • Overall design and color theme
  • Present photographer, band, DJ, videographer, florist

10 Months To Go:

  • Choose a wedding dress
  • Draft invitations
  • Plan for prenuptial photos
  • Create a website or social media page
  • Reserve or pencil book venue/hotel

9 Months To Go:

  • Buy wedding dress
  • Post save the date on the online platform
  • Choose stylist

8 Months To Go:

  • Register for Gifts
  • Select Groom and Entourage Attire and Schedule fittings

7 Months To Go:

  • Book Rehearsal/Dinner for Meet the In-Laws
  • Finalize and meet musicians, videographer, photographer, florist, and caterer
  • Select officiant

6 Months To Go:

  • Decide on rental items such as chairs, linen, draping, lighting, etc
  • Do prenuptial photo/video

5 Months To Go:

  • Book transportation for guests
  • Wedding limo/Car
  • Choose honeymoon
  • Start with prenuptial counseling

4 Months To Go:

  • Final tasting with the caterer
  • Choose cake
  • Choose and buy wedding bands
  • Hair and make trial

3 Months To Go:

  • Have the invitations done
  • Finalize menu
  • Decide on giveaways/gift bags
  • Write wedding vows
  • Meet with officiant

2 Months To Go:

  • Send Out Wedding Invitations
  • Do dress fitting
  • Get a marriage license
  • Buy giveaways/gift bags
  • Finalize wedding songs

1 Month To Go:

  • Create a seating arrangement
  • Final ocular visit
  • Break-in wedding shoes
  • Wedding Rehearsal

Final Week:

  • Final Dress Fitting
  • Practice Vows
  • Physical preparation/beautification
  • Finalize RSVP
Service List and Pricing






Full-Service Wedding Planning and Coordination
4,000.00 0.00 400.00 4,400.00


Venue and Vendor selection: We will help you pick the right venue and vendor with our vast list of vendor and venue partners.

Coordination and Correspondence: Attend meetings and interviews and communicate with all vendors and venues.

Organise Paperwork: We will make sure that all your budgets, contracts, timelines, etc. are properly arranged. 

Wedding Preparations: We take care of the nitty-gritty such as assembling invitations, assisting with seating arrangement, etc.

Day-of Wedding Coordination: We will make sure that everything runs on-time and smoothly from behind-the-scenes and any issues are handled quickly and quietly on your BIG day!

Post-Wedding Tasks: Clean-up, return of rental items.

Day of Wedding Coordination
1,200.00 0.00 120.00 1,320.00


We will make sure the wedding run on time and everything is running smoothly from getting dressed to riding off into the sunset.

Total 5,720.00
Acceptance and Next Steps

Once you have decided on which package to avail from this proposal, we will schedule a series of meetings (physical or online) to discuss details, a comprehensive agenda or our service contract will be crafted and provided.

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