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Cover Letter

This agreement is meant to govern Company Name and Template commercial relationship. For the length of this agreement, Company Name will provide financial consulting services to Template at the fees and terms described below. 

This financial consulting agreement is submitted by Company Name (“Consultant”) to Template (“Client”).

The parameters of Company Name supplying financial consulting services to Template are outlined in this financial consulting agreement.


Template agrees to hire and retain Company Name to undertake the financial consulting services outlined in this agreement. Company Name accepts this contractual relationship and agrees to deliver the stated financial consulting services in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, as well as to perform the specified tasks to the best of their ability.

Independent Contractor

At all times, Company Name shall be considered an independent contractor. 

All financial obligations to Company Name worker's vendors and other creditors shall be fully borne by [Sender.Company]. In no event will Template be held accountable for Company Name debt's or financial obligations. 

At no time shall Company Name be considered an employee, agent, or partner of Template. At any moment, Company Name does not have the ability or power to enter into new contracts or agreements on behalf of Template.

Company Name has no fiduciary commitment to Template and is free to conduct business for its own reasons or for the requirements of other clients at its discretion.

Financial Consulting Services

According to the terms of this agreement, Company Name promises to deliver the following services to Template.

  • Deliver a complete financial report that covers Template's full financial profile and background. 
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of Template business rivals and market environment.
  • Update the report on a regular basis when your financial situation changes.
  • Continually provide strategic financial advice to Template.

Unless otherwise indicated in this agreement, Company Name and Template agree that each party is exclusively liable for their usual business expenses, including accounting, communications, operating overhead, and business travel.


${consultantCompanyName} hereby represents that it has policies and processes in place to reasonably ensure compliance with all applicable financial legislation. 

Company Name understands that it will have access to and knowledge of non-public information as defined by Federal Law. As a result, Company Name commits not to buy or sell ${companyName!} shares, and will use reasonable efforts to secure such information and prevent it from being shared with third parties unless Template has already permitted it. In addition, Company Name agrees not to include or disclose such information in financial reports designed for public distribution, such as annual reports, press releases, or investor communications.

Template agrees not to circumvent or otherwise avoid paying fees to Company Name by circumventing or otherwise bypassing this agreement. In addition, Template commits to make a reasonable effort to keep Company Name up to date on legal, market, and business environments affecting Template‘s activities on a regular basis. Any new contracts, ventures, or other agreements with any private or public entity must be notified to Company Name, and copies of exact papers must be provided to ${consultantCompanyName}.

Template undertakes to send all existing financial documents relevant to Template's operations including (but not limited to) financial statements, income statements, and the like, to Company Name

Company Name promises to keep all materials given by Template completely secret under the terms of this agreement.


Both Template and Company Name have the required legal power to enter into this financial services consulting agreement. The individuals whose signatures appear on the agreement's final page are representatives of their respective employers and have full authority to enter into commercial agreements on their behalf.


The term of this financial services consulting agreement shall be for a period of agreement years.

The complete agreement between Template and Company Name is contained in this document. After Template and Company Name sign this financial consulting services agreement, no other understandings, pledges, or commitments, written or oral, will be honoured.

All notices required under the terms of this agreement shall be sent via certified mail or email to the following addresses: 

Modification & Waiver

This agreement may not be amended or modified in any way until both Template and Company Name sign a formal revision.

Failure by either party to uphold or enforce any single feature of this financial consulting services agreement will not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent failures to uphold or enforce the whole extent of the agreement.

Injunctive Relief

Both Template and Company Name agree and accept that in the event that either party breaches this agreement, the non-violating party shall be able to seek remedy in the courts of [Sender.County], [Sender.State] for a temporary or permanent injunction. Both parties agree that the non-violating party will be able to submit a complete copy of this financial consulting services agreement and have the agreement fully supported and enforced by the court.

If either party must seek legal action in order to enforce this agreement or address violation by the other party, the prevailing party in such legal proceedings shall be entitled to full reimbursement for all legal fees, including attorneys’ fees which are incurred during those legal actions and proceedings.


By signing below, both parties agree to enforce and uphold the full terms of this agreement until it expires or is otherwise cancelled by both parties.

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