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Wed 28 July 2021


John Smith 

P. +1 (0) 405 123 123


This Accounting Contract (the "Contract" or "Accounting Contract") is made and entered into by and between the following parties as of the Contract commencement date:


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Name - John Smith

Company - QuoteCloud

Address  - companyaddress

Phone - +1 (0) 405 123 123

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WHEREAS, Client intends to retain Provider for the Accounting Services stated in this contract, and Provider agrees to perform such services in exchange for the payments described herein, the following provisions of this contract are agreed upon by both parties:

The Client engages the Provider to provide accounting services as described in the services part of this accounting contract, and the Provider undertakes to do so.

The Client and their designated representatives will request services via written correspondence. All subsequent service requests will be governed by the provisions of this accounting contract in their entirety.

Provider pledges to provide professional accounting services and to always operate in the Client's best interests.


This accounting agreement will commence on the Contract start date and expire on the Contract end date. Unless both parties agree to a formal contract renewal, no accounting services will be performed after this contract expires.

Compensation & Payment

Client agrees to accept and pay monthly invoices in accordance with the payment terms of this contract in exchange for the accounting services delivered.

Provider agrees to invoice Client for services rendered each month, and in no event will Provider conduct or invoice for services not explicitly allowed in this accounting contract or later changes or purchase orders.

Client agrees to reimburse Provider for any reasonable, pre-approved costs connected with performing the services requested, including travel and related expenditures, in addition to the approved accounting services. Airline tickets, vehicle rentals, hotel, and food are just a few examples of these costs.

The Provider agrees that the Client will not be reimbursed for travel within 25 miles of the Provider's business address.

If travel is necessary in the conduct of approved accounting services, the Client must approve it in advance. The following is the procedure for reimbursement:

  • Airline Tickets: Lowest coach fare available direct from airline carriers
  • Car Rentals: Mid-sized sedan
  • Meals, Incidentals, & Lodging: Reasonable expenses supported by original receipts
  • Miscellaneous Costs: Pre-approved expenses supported by original receipts

Client shall not reimburse Provider for any alcohol, entertainment, or other charges that the Client has not expressly allowed.

Independent Contractor

At all times, the provider must be considered an independent contractor. No provision of this agreement, whether written or unwritten, should be construed as implying or creating a partnership, joint venture, or employer-employee relationship between the Provider and the Client. The Provider has no authority to commit or enter into agreements on behalf of the Client, and makes no such representations or assertions.

The Provider shall have complete control over and decision-making authority over the manner in which the accounting services stated in this contract are carried out and delivered. Workers of the Provider are ineligible for any benefit schemes offered by the Client to its own employees.

Any taxes arising from Provider's performance of the accounting services stated in this contract, as well as any revisions or purchase orders, are solely the responsibility of Provider.

Withholding taxes from invoices paid to the Provider is not the responsibility of the Client.

Provider promises to hold Client free from any claims or liabilities arising from Provider's failure to pay necessary taxes.


Provider must keep detailed records of all transactions linked to this accounting contract (the "Provider Records"). For the time period allowed by law, Provider Records must be available for full inspection and audit by Client and government agencies.


Client and Provider are likely to be exposed to each other's sensitive information, such as financial information, trade secrets, and proprietary processes, systems, or products.

As a result, both the Client and the Provider agree to treat such information as confidential and not to disclose it to any third party without prior written consent.

Both the Client and the Provider reserve the right to mark any information as confidential at any time by sending each other a written notice.

This obligation to protect confidential information will last for a period of 5 years after the information is received.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any works resulting from the accounting services provided under the terms of this contract are, without exception, the Client's unique intellectual property.

Provider hereby assigns to Client all intellectual property rights in any innovations or inventions resulting from the performance of services under this contract, and promises to help Client in protecting those rights.

Representations & Warranties

The provider commits to provide accounting services in compliance with the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants' ethics standards.

All analyses, records, reports, and filings must be completed in accordance with applicable state, local, and federal laws.


At all times, the provider promises to take reasonable precautions to ensure worker safety.

Client is hereby permitted to offer first assistance to Provider's personnel who are wounded while working at Client sites, and to arrange ambulance evacuation to a medical facility if necessary.

Provider agrees to indemnify and hold the Client blameless from any expenses, damages, or other obligations resulting from accidents or medical emergencies while Provider is performing approved accounting services under the provisions of this contract.


Without the Client's prior written approval, the Provider shall make no public statements on behalf of the Client at any time.


In the event that either the Provider or the Client fails to act or perform in accordance with the entire terms of this contract, either party may terminate it at any time.

If any party desires to terminate this contract, they must give the other 30 days' written notice via email or certified mail.

In the event that either the Provider or the Client declares bankruptcy, enters liquidation, or is purchased by another business, either party may choose to terminate this contract.

Client agrees to make full payment to Provider for any services given prior to cancellation if this accounting contract is cancelled.

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Total 66.00

The authorised representatives of [Sender.Company] and [Client.Company] have approved and accepted this deal.


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