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Thu 30 March 2017 




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Whether your business is new or old, it needs efficient accounting services for growth and sustainability. Having your books in top shape all year round is an achievement that can help your business function smoothly and provide grounds for sound and promising business decisions.

As your accounting needs will continue to grow with your business, it is imperative to pay careful thought to a long term and viable solution for this vital part of your business. By hiring [Your Company Name] to take care of all your accounting needs, you will be ensuring yourself a step in the right direction. By letting us be your professional accountants you will:

– have availed the services of highly qualified, experienced professionals not commonly available at an affordable price for small businesses;
more time to run your business without having to think about all the numbers; and
saved resources to run your business successfully.

Given the opportunity to work for your promising company, we will prove, with our dedication and high performance, that you have purchased peace of mind in the guise of our professional accounting services.


${consultantCompanyName!} | A CPA Firm

Scope of Work

Template seeks a full review of their historical financial records and future accounting needs.

At the start, our experts carefully review your past records and assess your financial services needs according to the nature of your company and suggest the services model best suited to your requirements. The work plan is finalised only after an initial (and possibly subsequent) extensive consultation with Template. Periodic review of our services and client feedback is an essential feature of our work plan which ensures that we remain an efficient accounting partner for your business.

Executive Summary


Accounting is a function that forms the core of any business. Important business decisions rely heavily upon the financial information at all stages of a project, from planning to execution to finalization. Efficient bookkeeping and financial control ensures the company runs smoothly with an eye for growth. Data, statements and projections are all vital financial figures that a business must have on-hand for sound business performance. Operating as a neutral third party, [Your Company Name] will provide accurate and unbiased data to Template.


[Sender.Company] offers proven expertise in areas such as bookkeeping, accounting, and controller services. Bookkeeping includes the day-to-day business transactions like customer payments, bills, invoices, bill payments, disbursements, and withdrawals. We maintain ledgers for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and cash accounts and produce daily or weekly reports according to the clients’ preference. Payroll and related activities with tax calculation are also part of our portfolio. Our repertoire also includes preparing periodic reports, financial statements, bank reconciliations and taking care of your general accounting needs.

Our goals are to

– Provide reliable, efficient, and experienced accounting support to your business;
– Ensure sound financial advice based on regular maintenance of your financial data; and
– Contribute towards long term and sustainable success of your business by keeping an eye on the projections and performance with regular appraisals and financial reports.

We will keep Template apprised at all stages of our accounting procedures with regular reports for Template‘s reference and review. All data will be accessible to the client around the clock through dedicated servers using the most modern software and backup facilities. In addition, we also act as business advisors by keeping an eye on the market trends and advising our clients on using the most modern and efficient methods related to accounting and financial reporting.



According to a recent estimate, outsourcing accounting work can reduce your business cost by as much as 30%. Hiring a specialist accounting firm like Company Name will not only lower your business costs but will also provides Template with the benefit of an efficient and experienced accountants.

At A Glance

At Company Name we have built a team of financial experts in business with over [Number Years Experience] years of combined experience. Our founders came together in [Year Founded] to start this company in the [Company Location] area. As a company, we are recognised for [Specialty] and have been recognized for [Achievements].

Our accounting professionals are highly qualified and specialized accountants working on the most up-to-date accounting software programs available and also continually stay up-to-date on the newest accounting laws.

[Your Company Name] uses the most popular accounting software such as XERO, MYOB, SAGE, Oracle, QuickBooks, Quicken and SAP.

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1 One-off 1.00
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Ongoing Quarterly Expenses
Quarterly VAT/GST Submission
1 One-off 500.00
N/A 500.00
Annual Tax Return
Company Annual Tax Return
1 One-off 2,000.00
N/A 2,000.00
Monthly ongoing
Ongoing Month Expenses
Daily Bank Reconciliation
1 12 Months 1,000.00 1,000.00 12,000.00
Monthly Payroll Services
1 12 Months 500.00 500.00 6,000.00
One-off Cost 2,501.00
Monthly Cost 1,500.00
Full Term Cost 18,000.00
Total 22,551.10
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