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Wed 28 July 2021 


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When signed by the applicant and accepted by Company Name, this Membership Agreement becomes a legally enforceable contract between Company Name and the individual or entity signing the signature page of this Agreement. When both parties sign the Agreement on Wed 28 July 2021, membership rights, privileges, and obligations begin.

Any and all membership privileges granted through this membership agreement are subject to revocation or adjustment at any time without prior notice to the member. The Member may modify their membership titles at any time throughout this contract by giving Company Name written notification. If costs rise as a result of a membership change, the member is accountable for the additional costs.

Member undertakes to comply with all membership requirements and will notify the company if any are not met throughout the agreement term. The following information about the client will be documented, but it may be amended or changed at any time during the agreement duration.

Term and Termination

This contract will be in effect until one or more of the following events occurs:

  • The member has failed to meet any of the membership requirements.
  • Without any additional terms or agreements, the agreement period expires.
  • The company declares bankruptcy or ceases to operate.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, any and all correspondence relating to this contract must be addressed to ${consultantCompanyName} either physically or by certified letter. All member notices will be delivered using the forms that Company Name deems necessary


No part of this contract may be transferred or sold to a person who is not a member of this membership agreement without prior written approval.

No Warranties

This membership agreement makes no express or implied warranties.

Effectiveness and Interpretation of Agreement

Any and all legal proceedings arising out of this agreement will be brought in the jurisdiction of [Company.State], unless the parties agree otherwise. Unless otherwise noted, this membership agreement sets forth the whole understanding of the above-mentioned agreement and excludes all past oral or written agreements. Any changes or amendments to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

All conditions and statements above are understood and agreed to in full by signing below.

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