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Dear [client name],

Greetings! Thank you for considering [your company] in providing artificial intelligence solutions for [client company]

As a global retail and apparel company, [client company] is on a mission to deliver the highest quality retail items to its customers worldwide. And with young customers adapting to new technologies, rising expectations must be met with agility and accelerated delivery by strategic integration throughout the retail value chain. 

To provide its customers with a seamless and consistent customer experience, [Client company] needs a new approach in engaging customers directly through digital channels and integrating order and product management into their eCommerce platform using artificial intelligence (AI).

At [your company], we provide adaptive and predictive artificial intelligence that empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions that lead them to prosper and succeed.

Founded in [year] by some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley who worked for leading companies such as Facebook and Google. The founders are brought together by our vision of making people’s lives easier and solving big business challenges.

We are currently providing AI services to 300 businesses across [location], with 30 of which belong to the same industry as yours. Upon request, we can provide case studies of these successful projects. 

Through our sustainable and innovative approach, we will build [client company] an ecosystem for an integrated universal eCommerce platform to manage global portfolio brands and an all-in-one social channel management that will analyze and predict user interests, engagement patterns, and purchase preferences with AI for personalized marketing and customer services.

Please review the succeeding pages containing Project Summary for your approval. Should you have any questions please let us know. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

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Project Summary

The following pages outline the scope of work, the planned services, and the project deliverables – as well as all associated costs.


Start Date: [start date]

Date of Completion: [estimated date of completion]

Total Cost: [amount in digits]


This AI project proposal for eCommerce and social channel management is based on [client company]’s discussion with [your company]’s representative and thorough evaluation and analysis of the business problem by [your company]’s internal technicians and data scientists.

If you find any aspect of this proposal confusing and unclear, please seek clarification by consulting with our representatives.


Improve overall user experience to increase customer engagement and loyalty to ultimately drive-up sales.


  • Fragmented approach to marketing that failed to sync up all available channels.
  • Lacking up to date, customized recommendations that would match customers with products and drive continuous engagement in the site.
  • Integrate various management systems and migrate them into a new eCommerce platform.


Note: You may opt to enumerate and detail your AI solution by brand name/technology used or capability.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Social Listening
  • Supply chain, merchandising, logistics automation
  • Integration


Project Milestones Estimated Completion Time
Phase 1 Week 1
Phase 2 Week 2
Phase 3 Week 3
Phase 4 Week 4-5

Business Metrics

After 3 months of integration and usage of AI system:

  • User engagement: Foot traffic to increase by 50% and time on eCommerce site by 5 minutes.
  • Market Penetration: To be able to engage clients in [location] region.
  • Generate Revenue: 100% increase in number of shoppers purchasing products

Terms and Pricing








Data Warehouse
1 1,000.00 1,000.00 0.00 100.00 1,100.00
Machine Learning
1 1,000.00 1,000.00 0.00 100.00 1,100.00
Data Visualization
1 1,000.00 1,000.00 0.00 100.00 1,100.00
Operational Database
1 1,000.00 1,000.00 0.00 100.00 1,100.00
Total 4,400.00

[client company]  agrees to pay [30%] of the total upon signing this AI services proposal and the remainder by [full payment due date].


Once you have reviewed and agree to the information provided, sign this proposal to indicate your approval. The next step would be to sign a contractual agreement that references this document plus any changes that may be noted in the presentation of this quotation.

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