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You might be asking yourself, “What is CRM and why does my company need it?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Customer Relationship Management is complex and has no singular definition, but it’s more straightforward than most people think.

At its best, CRM gives companies information to better understand their existing and potential customers, which can then feed into sales, marketing, and customer service functions. A good CRM system creates a two-way interaction between customer and business by combining technology, methodology, and operational processes into a framework that continuously provides customer behavioral information.

OK, so why does your company need a CRM plan? As you know, success is built around the customer experience. The more you know about your customers’ buying habits, the better you can tailor your approach to those customers as well as future customers. CRM is about driving the most customer value your company can offer.

Think of it less as a technology and more as a business strategy. 



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New company-wide standards: Your current customer relationship model could be negatively affecting the customer experience if everything is fragmented. Producing a standardized approach across all channels — such as retail locations, call centers, and online services — will reduce the risk of losing customers.

New technology: Customers are unique, even if they want the same things. By creating a human-driven approach to customer interaction, people will be more likely to connect with your company.

New connections: There are more methods of communication today than ever before. Communicating across social media and mobile devices are some of the way to put a personal touch on customer interaction.

Prioritize customers over company: The customer experience must be the central theme of a CRM strategy for it to produce new revenue.


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Out with the old, in with the new. This will be the motto of your CRM project. In the discovery phase, QuoteCloud will determine existing impediments across all channels of your company to eliminate redundancies and empower your employees to offer the same experience to all customers.


How effective is your company at doing business with customers? QuoteCloud will determine how customers interact with your company so we can align the company approach with the customer approach.


Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are crucial to determining whether a new CRM approach is benefiting your company. This allows for compare/contrast data.


Every company deals with certain milestones or business interruptions. These can wreak havoc on the customer experience if there is no planning for their occurrence. The CRM system can pinpoint these critical junctures and make sure all hands are on board.


Before the system is finalized, interviews with end users must be conducted to determine the most important features and user cases to meet critical requirements.


There are numerous options when it comes to software to support the CRM plan. QuoteCloud will review these options with to make sure the most effective programs are used for the strategy.


[Your Company Name] will develop an education plan for sharing the strategy with staff and third-party vendors who interact with customers.


Before implementation of the plan, [Your Company Name] will gather feedback to determine and fix execution problems.

About Us

CRM is a relatively new customer-analysis concept, but we’ve been working in this arena since the beginning. We are committed to delivering intelligent solutions in a fast-paced business climate by adapting to the times. [Your Company Name] has worked with small to mid-size companies, and large corporations. CRM implementation is an ongoing process, and we are committed to seeing your new strategy through to success.We are also happy to provide references from previous clients upon request.

So what's it going to cost?







Business Analysis
1 1,000.00
1,000.00 100.00 1,100.00
1 1,000.00
1,000.00 100.00 1,100.00
1 1,000.00
1,000.00 100.00 1,100.00
Price TAX Total
One-off Cost 3,000.00 300.00 3,300.00
Total 3,300.00

[Your Company Name] believes in a flat-rate pricing model contingent upon creation, implementation, and management. We strive for a six-month commitment on building and implementing your new CRM system. Payments should be made in thirds: one-third upon agreement, one-third after three months, and one-third upon completion.

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