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Whether you're utilising a custom Android app for employee productivity, social engagement, or to assist loyalty or rewards programmes, a custom Android app may do wonders for your company. Company Name has built a wide range of social apps, productivity apps, games, and eCommerce apps for companies all around the world. We're a terrific choice for brands wishing to harness mobile technology since we focus on effective design, cutting-edge technology, and cost-effectiveness throughout our development process.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about your brand's requirement for a mobile app. We take pride in designing custom Android apps for B2B and B2C clients that use mobile technology to promote productivity, brand engagement, and entertainment. I'll detail our opinions on how to best continue with the design, development, and deployment of your app in this proposal, as well as present you with several development packages to pick from.

Once you've had a chance to evaluate this proposal, feel free to leave any questions or concerns in the comments section. Simply sign this proposal online when you're ready to move forwards with the development of your bespoke Android app. We'll be notified, and we'll start working on the app's earliest stages.


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Why Choose Us?

We take pride in three things:

  1. Keeping track of project deadlines
  2. Cost-effectiveness
  3. Creating fantastic apps for each and every customer

Our mobile app developers have extensive expertise in creating beautifully designed, technically complex Android apps, and our knowledge of HTML, Javascript, C, and C++ allows us to create exactly what you need.

Past Projects

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Project Description

The Android app for Template will offer the following essential features:

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  • [Feature.2]
  • [Feature.3]
  • [Feature.4]

The app will give Template a strong mobile presence, allowing them to achieve the following objectives:

  1. [Goal.1]
  2. [Goal.2]
Development Options

Template has three app development alternatives from which to pick. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Each choice is described in detail in the sections below.

Mobile Web App

Apps aren't the same as mobile web apps. They are, in fact, web pages that have been created to resemble a mobile app. Because of their inexpensive cost and cross-platform portability, these "apps" are very popular. HTML5, a browser-based programming language, was used to create these apps.

Instead of using app stores, mobile web apps are accessed using web browsers on mobile devices. During the initial session, users add web apps to their home screens, which results in an icon appearing on their device's screen. Users just tap on that icon to access the programme in subsequent sessions.

Mobile web apps resemble native apps in appearance and may be used on any smartphone or tablet, including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices.

While mobile applications are far less expensive to develop than real native apps, they still have some limitations. To begin with, not all device features can be accessed via a mobile web app. A native app is a far better alternative for programmes that require advanced functionality, such as running in the background. Second, there are no app shops for mobile apps. This means that in order to use the app for the first time, users will need to know the browser URL. Finally, mobile web apps are slightly slower to load and respond to input than native mobile apps.

Native App

Native apps are mobile programmes that are developed using platform-specific programming languages and downloaded via app stores. While these apps must be developed separately for each platform (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and so on), they have several advantages over mobile web apps, including:

  • Native apps are more responsive than other types of apps in terms of functionality. They get smoother and snappier as a result of this.
  • Functionality: Native apps may take advantage of system-level features to the fullest extent possible. This enables them to provide features that mobile web apps cannot, such as background alerts, offline access, GPS, and camera use.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps combine the features of both a mobile web app and a native app. They're made utilising a mix of platform-specific programming and HTML5, allowing parts of the code to be reused in other platforms' app development. Hybrid apps are frequently just wrappers for current mobile websites that can be purchased from app stores and installed on mobile devices.

Hybrid apps, like native apps, may take advantage of advanced device features, giving them an advantage over mobile web apps.

Hybrid apps are not without limitations. Because they aren't truly native apps, their overall functionality and responsiveness will be less than a native app's, and their user interface will be inferior. They're also incompatible with apps that require offline access because they rely on browser cache, which can be problematic.

Delivery & Pricing

The prices for each of the above-mentioned development alternatives are provided in the table below. Using the checkboxes in the table, you may select the best option for you, and the price will alter immediately.

Once you've decided on a course of action, we'll collaborate with you to create a thorough project timeline and begin the early development stage.







Mobile Web App
2,500.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Native App
5,000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Hybrid App
3,250.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Price Additions TAX Total
One-off Cost 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total 0.00

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started on bringing your vision for a bespoke Android app to life! Review the proposal, leave any questions or feedback in the comments section, and sign online when you're ready to move forward. We'll be notified and eagerly dive into the exciting journey of building your custom app.

Please e-sign below to confirm your acceptance of the development package you selected. I'll contact you once I've received notification of your signature to discuss project schedules and first steps.

Thank you for giving Company Name the opportunity to create this Android App Development proposal for you!


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