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Tue 20 July 2021 


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We are pleased to offer this IT Services Proposal for your review and approval. The solution detailed in this proposal has been created with 's needs and budget in mind, and we are confident you’ll find that it offers great value to your organization. Please review the proposed solution carefully to ensure it meets your expectations. Should you have any concerns whatsoever, please reach out via email to If you are willing to move forward with the solution as it is described in this proposal, simply sign your approval at the bottom.

Proposed Solution

Company Name’s managed IT services are designed to support growing companies by offering fully managed technology solutions at an affordable cost. Our approach is to implement a lean, scalable solution with a proactive approach to problem-solving that keeps your systems operating at peak performance at a >99% rate.

The IT solution prepared for includes 24/7 offsite system support. A member of team will be available any time 7 days a week to accept and address inbound support issues. We will also manage all software and platform updates, backups, and bug fixes remotely during non-business hours. Your package also includes on-site support throughout the first two months of service, during which we will inventory your hardware and software and configure your systems for remote support.

Our system administration services cover the following key areas:

  • User Management
  • Security Monitoring & Response
  • Software License Management
  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Software Deployment & Updates
  • Hardware Inventory
  • System Usage/Reliability Reporting

In addition to the above-listed services, we offer on-site services at an additional cost. These services include:

  • User Training
  • Hardware installation
  • Full-time onsite support

For pricing on these additional services, please contact our sales team directly.

Service Costs

The solution described in this IT services proposal is priced on an annual basis, broken down into quarterly payment cycles as described in the table below. Our standard term is three years from the start date of the initial service contract.






System administration services - 1 quarter
1 1,700.00 170.00 1,870.00
System administration services - 2 quarter
1 1,700.00 170.00 1,870.00
System administration services - 3 quarter
1 1,700.00 170.00 1,870.00
System administration services - 4 quarter
1 1,700.00 170.00 1,870.00
Price TAX Total
One-off Cost 6,800.00 680.00 7,480.00
Total 7,480.00

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