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Greetings! [Your Company] is thrilled to have the opportunity to submit this proposal to help your company solve [opportunity or problem statement] through the use of Salesforce.

At [Your Company], our services can significantly improve the application in your CRM by [solution statement]

We believe we can work together in achieving [goals] through our unique combination of tailored, affordable application management services and consulting capabilities, delivered by certified Salesforce administrators, developers, and architects.

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We understand how hard it is [insert client problem statement]

Given the vast and never-ending available and developing Salesforce functionality and your organization’s ever-changing and growing business landscape, it can be exhausting. It is critical that you are able to partner with a team that can smoothly navigate and helps you maximize the potential of your sales processes and customer relationships.

Our Solution

  1. [Insert solution such as - Provide Sales Process Analysis]
  2. [Insert solution]
  3. [Insert solution]


  1. [Insert benefit such as - Automate Processes]
  2. [Insert benefit]
  3. [Insert benefit]

Who We Are

From each of our teammates to the solutions we implement, every part of our company is customer-focused and designed to help businesses grow. In recent years, we have more than doubled in size as an IT solutions provider through word-of-mouth and growth within the companies of our existing clients, and we were recently selected as one of the top ten most promising Salesforce companies.


Let’s get started saving your business countless hours and cost!

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Next Steps and Acceptance

If you have any questions at all, please let us know. We're happy to clarify any points and there may be some items that we can sort out together. We're committed to finding the best way to work together. If you'd like to speak to us by phone, don't hesitate to call [contact person] through [contact number].

Once you feel confident about everything and are ready to move forward, please affix your signature.

Once we receive notification of your acceptance, we'll contact you shortly for our service contract and sort out the next steps to get the project rolling.

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About Us

Established in 2010, [Your Company] is a leading global provider of cloud enterprise software support services particularly Salesforce. Private and public sector organizations that run Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce enterprise software turn to [Your Company] when they want a wider range of world-class support, managed services, and consulting from a single vendor at a reasonable cost. To date, we've partnered with over 500 businesses. 

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