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SAP Proposal 

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Executive Summary

[Your Company] is delighted to present our proposal to [Client Company]. In delivering business management solutions to [Client Company], we commit to adding value through our role as a business partner. We share with you the implementation and business experience for our proposed SAP ERP solutions as well our pledge to deliver a system that fits your organisation's aims and objectives.

[Your Company] has the power and ability to integrate all of your company’s main business functions and centralise operations. From the management of Financial to Logistics to Human Resource to Sales to Customer to Purchasing to Inventory to Production departments, to Business Intelligence down to Reporting, our services are robust enough to eliminate the need for multiple installations, multi-software use, and complex integration of multiple modules, regardless of your industry.

Key benefits:

  • Provides information across all departments in real-time.
  • Increases productivity, better inventory management, promotes quality, reduced material cost, effective human resources management, reduced overheads boost profits
  • Better customer interaction and service.

Project Scope

[Client Company] is a [briefly discuss industry and business needs, size, and goals such as: “medium enterprise pharmaceutical company catering locally aiming to streamline business processes.”]. We will provide SAP consulting services, SAP solution software integration and implementation across your organisation for this project. We will execute an end-to-end life cycle for the complete breadth of the company's financial and logistical business processes.

Technical and Functional Modules

  • Example; SAP HCM Module
  • SAP FI Module
  • SAP SD Module
  • SAP Basis
Project Details

Technical and Functional Modules

Note: Define which Functional and Technical Modules you will be providing your client and discuss how they will benefit and what it will do for the specific department in your client’s business. 

SAP Implementation Methodology

Note: Identify each step of the roadmap and provide a detailed plan to help document SAP systems, and collect and implement recommendations. Since the type of project for this example is the “Big Bang Project”, all major phases are included in the implementation. 

Phase 1: Project Preparation

Phase 2: Business Blueprint

Phase 3: Realisation

Phase 4: Final Preparation

Phase 5: Go Live and Support 

Project Schedule

The overall tentative plan is as follows, assuming a start date on [Date] and a Go-Live objective by [Date], the support period would end on [Date]

So what's it going to cost?

Project Cost

The total cost of the project covering the scope detailed in this proposal with a duration of 12 months and 6 months support and including the cost of [number of personnel, licenses, labor, materials] is [amount].







Price Item 1
1 1.00 1.00 0.10 1.10
Price Item 2
1 1.00 1.00 0.10 1.10
Price Item 3
1 1.00 1.00 0.10 1.10
Price TAX Total
One-off Cost 3.00 0.30 3.30
Total 3.30
Acceptance and Next Steps

Thank you very much for reviewing our proposal. If you have additional questions, [Name of Contact Person] our Project Lead is available by email at [email] or [mobile number].

If you would like to move forward with our proposal, please affix your signature so we can begin discussing and planning the next steps right away.

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[Name of Representative] [Date]