Software Development Proposal Template

Software Development Proposal Template
Date: Tue 15 February 2022

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John Smith
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Dear [client name],

Thank you for taking your time to meet with us.  As promised, we have prepared this proposal to show solutions that fit your needs. 

Thank you for taking the time to discuss with you how our software can help your business further improve in productivity and performance. As agreed, we are providing you with information about us and our proposed action plan for your review.

We at [your company] are developers of [kind of software client needs] software and have been recognized as one of the global providers of software engineering and consulting services. We have been acknowledged for our unceasing dedication to perfecting technology delivery practices and assuring clients’ success.

We understand that each client is unique and therefore we adopt different approaches on how we can deliver properly considering the expectations of each one. Providing flexible and unique solutions while continuously maintaining high standards of software engineering and adhering to compliant quality and information security management systems

With these to consider, we hope that you would take time to review this proposal and we hope to hear back from you soon.


Best Regards,

[Name of sender]



[Email address]

[Phone / Mobile Number]

Our Story

[Your company] was conceived in response to the very simple premise that small and medium sized businesses want to use technology to leverage their resources. The challenge comes in navigating a complex marketplace to find the right solution.

Many organizations know what they need, but not how to get it. Canned solutions may fulfill some requirements, but often leave out essential features. Building a tailored solution can be complicated and costly. Some solutions are customizable, but only to a point.

This is where [your company] shines. We have years of experience, and a large network of partners and experts to bring to task no matter what the need.

We start with a Discovery Session to learn about you and your goals. With that, we produce a deliverable Solution Roadmap. The Solution Roadmap frames the project scope, technical requirements, culture, phases, and available resources to give sensible guidance, tailored for each customer….all at no cost.

Once there is a Solution Roadmap to be fulfilled, Shaman Software builds the team, sources the necessary resources and curates the solution. This relationship spans the entire client journey from inception through implementation and future growth phases.

Project Overview

The Future is Digital

We at [your company] help businesses bring forth and maximize digital transformation by providing engineering and consulting services that foster competitiveness and innovation. 


Our business analysts collect, asses, analyze and structure our customers’ functional and nonfunctional requirements. Based on our initial assessment and meeting/s, the following are the key needs and solutions that our team will be focusing on:


Risk Analysis

Internal and external threats and vulnerabilities that may arise during the course of development:

[Consider and expound samples below as assessed from client]

Mitigating Action

Code issues such as bugs and logical errors

Frequent testing and use of coding standards 

Technical issues such 

Realistic and flexible deadlines 

Budget issues

Flexible project and budget plans

Changes in Laws

Frequent review and update in software laws through newsletters

Economic shifts

Obtaining insurance

Aggressive deadlines

Thorough and flexible project plan

Design and Prototyping

Below is a preliminary design to give you an idea of the system that is tailored to fit your needs. This will be the basis of our prototype.


Our group of developers and experts determined which methodology, software and hardware elements will be needed to design a complete and successful [kind of software client needs] for [client company]. [Specify which tools you will be using]

Programming Language
Framework & Libraries
Operating System
Mobile Technology
QA, Testing and Deployment

Once wireframes are approved, we move forward with more detailed frontend designs (with your feedback), and once approved, we begin implementing these designs with our developers. Each release will then be thoroughly tested and sent to you for review. We ensure QA is done for every milestone.

Deployment will include [specify installation, launch procedures, training for staff users, operations, IT staff and continued evaluation if there are any].


[A list of development process milestones you will be completing, basic description, how long it will take to complete. You may add more rows and columns for additional details such as milestone breakdown, hours done, dates, notes, etc.]





Digging far deeper to work out the tiny details. Research, feasibility studies, checking inefficiencies and risks, etc.

Week 1

Architecture Design

Create the layout of the software and key. At this point 80% of the system will be designed from a visual perspective.

Week 2

Platform Integration

Various software sub-systems are combined to create a unified single system.


Alpha and Beta Testing

A live demonstration on exactly how the flows will work and how you'll use the system.

Week 6

Quality Pass


Week 8


Week 10



Week 10 onwards


Our team will be sent over to train the personnel who will be using the software. A comprehensive program will be carried out by our skilled professionals. [You may describe training procedure in detail]


We shall keep an up-to-date check and fix any bugs that may affect your system and make any relevant actions. If you ever have problems with your software, our software developers will [include Customer Service Policy].


To ensure there is complete understanding about [the software], aside from the training we will be conducting, we will also be providing the following documents:

  1. [Product requirement document.
  2. User Experience Design documentation.
  3. Quality assurance documentation.
  4. Maintenance and help guide.]
So what's it going to cost?








Service line item description
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Total 0.00

We offer for a period of [specify tine period for example twelve (12) months], that when operated according to the documentation and other instructions, the software will perform substantially according to the functional specifications listed in the documentation. During the warranty period, [your company] will take the necessary steps to rectify any software malfunctions or operation failures that may occur.

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