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Dear [client name],

Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to review my company’s proposal to develop software for your schools online engagement app. After our discussion, your company has expressed your plans to broaden services offered to your stake holders - students, teachers and parents through a new mobile app for the said stake holders to be able to engage and communicate remotely.

Currently, [client company] is using multiple available online platforms for classes and various events, but students are complaining of online fatigue and difficulty in using multiple platforms and are requesting for an integrated, engaging and convenient platform through a specialized mobile app. [Client company] would like to have their dedicated school app where students can engage and learn similar to that in face to face. Decreasing online fatigue and making learning exciting for students.

Our situation today calls for most of our engagements to be done online. And users become fatigued from using multiple essential and social online platforms. That is why we at [your company] put human comfort at the heart of everything we create. We have in fact worked with schools towards their digital transformation.

[Your company] helps transform businesses through innovative, powerful and sustainable technology solutions. We develop industry-specific web, mobile, desktop, cloud, AR/VR, IoT applications for Education, Health, Retail, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Automotive, Financial Institution, Hospitality, Work-Life, Construction, Marketing and Advertising Industries. 

Our A-Team consisting of 10 engineers, has successfully worked on [300 clients] for the past [5 years]. We are confident and take pride in our expertise in providing state-of-the art technological solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Best Regards,

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Project Cognizance

Considered as an emerging modern school, [Client Company’s] goal is to provide and promote quality education with modern and unique techniques that enhances the skill and the knowledge of students to make them globally competitive and productive citizens. Established in 2015, [Client Company] has grown from providing primary and secondary education to offering tertiary education in Sydney Australia. As a technology centered school, [Client Company] has also revolutionized the teaching and learning field. Classes, lectures, and seminars are no longer done face to face, it has transitioned to virtual and hybrid events. Students are gravitating from paperback to digital materials, preferring online classes more often than physical face to face ones, completing and attending various courses digitally; thus, reshaping the education industry.

[Your company] visualizes a user friendly app that will enable students and teachers alike to always be updated with easy access to information. Using beautiful, interactive and easy to navigate screens that promote communication and boosts engagement. The all in one app will be used for school announcements and information, classes, assignments and school events.

As personal information will be stored in the system, the highest data privacy, confidentiality, and security practices and guidelines will be followed in the process of developing this app. We will also rigorously test these security features before launch to ensure they are properly functioning.

Prior to launching the app, we will do a series of dress rehearsals and capture feedback to work out any issues that may come up with a small group of internal users in a controlled environment.  We will take these learnings and apply them to the final version of the app.

After our successful launch, we will collect analytics and reviews from users to know what your customers truly want from your app and it may include things that you hadn’t thought of before. Conduct a needs and viability assessment and look at how you can apply user feedback to improve functionality.

Work Schedule

[Your company] commits to completeing projects on time, on plan and on budget. We will be providing [client company] documentation on every aspect of the software development timeline.

Task Timeline Expected Completion
Business Analysis:

  • Agree on all systemrequirements
  • Identify all app features
2 Weeks First week of June
UI / UX Design

  • App architecture - screens and buttons design
  • Visual styles
2 Weeks End of June
App and System Development

  • Build app server and database
  • Set up storage capability and data synchronization
4 weeks

  • Manual and Automated QA
  • Focus group feedback
2 weeks
Implementation and Deployment

  • Data migration
  • Launch
2 weeks
Post Launch Maintenance 2 weeks
Project Outcomes

Upon launch, the expected positive effects of educational mobile application will be:

  • Teachers, students and parents can easily upload and access learning materials.
  • Easier Time Management for stakeholders since educational mobile application app integrates all applications and features.
  • The new app will bring an active performance and collaboration through the messenger feature. This also closes the communication gap between students and the institution.
  • Miscellaneous features and functions such as online payments saves time and effort for students and parents.
Investment And Agreement








Price Item 1
1 1.00 1.00 0.00 0.10 1.10
Price Item 2
1 1.00 1.00 0.00 0.10 1.10
Price Item 3
1 1.00 1.00 0.00 0.10 1.10
Total 3.30

Work will start promptly upon signing this agreement and after payment of one-fourth of the total estimated project budget. The remaining will be paid per phase done in 10% increments with the remaining cost payment upon completion of the project.


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