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Thu 09 September 2021 


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This agreement is by and between the following parties:

Consultant Client

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The parties listed above (referred to as "Consultant" and "Client") hereby agree to enter into a business relationship in which First Name Surname provides technical consulting services in exchange for payment from , subject to the terms of this agreement.

Agreement Term

This agreement will commence on the agreement start date and will continue for a period of agreement months.


Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by sending the other a 30-day written notice via certified mail or email. In the event of cancellation, is liable for paying First Name Surname for consulting services rendered prior to the cancellation date on a pro-rated basis.

Services Provided

First Name Surname commits to deliver the following services:

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Pricing & Payment

${contactName!} agrees to pay First Name Surname a monthly retainer each month for the duration of this technical services consulting agreement, as detailed in the table below:







Website Hosting
12 Months 100.00 1,200.00 120.00 1,320.00
Technical Support
12 Months 199.00 2,388.00 238.80 2,626.80
Price TAX Total
Monthly Cost 299.00 29.90 328.90
Full Term Cost 3,588.00 358.80 3,946.80
Total 3,946.80

Furthermore, agrees to compensate First Name Surname for any additional expenditures incurred by in connection with the execution of this agreement, including pre-approved travel and expenses. 

On the first business day of each month, First Name Surname will send an electronic invoice to . Each invoice will be paid in full within 20 days after receipt by .

Terms & Conditions

Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

First Name Surname agrees that all works and creations resulting from work performed under the scope of this technical services consulting agreement are the intellectual property of , and agrees not to make any claim to intellectual property resulting from the services provided under this agreement.


First Name Surname acknowledges that, from time to time, they will have access to confidential or proprietary information related to ‘s business. First Name Surname agrees to maintain complete discretion and confidentiality regarding this information and to refrain from disclosing this information to third parties without prior written consent from .

Competition & Solicitation

First Name Surname agrees to refrain from engaging in business practices that directly compete with the client’s business during the term of this technical services consulting agreement, and for a period of 24 months thereafter. Similarly, First Name Surname agrees to refrain from soliciting or recruiting ‘s employees at any time. 


The client agrees to indemnify and hold First Name Surname harmless against any legal action or damages pertaining to the services provided under the terms of this agreement.


This agreement contains the whole agreement between First Name Surname and regarding the services provided therein. Any additions or changes to this agreement must be approved in writing by both parties.

Governing and resolving conflicts

The laws of [Sender.State] will govern the terms of this agreement. Any legal processes or disputes must be filed with and settled by a neutral arbitrator in [Sender.State]. If First Name Surname and have a disagreement, both parties agree that the prevailing party will be reimbursed for their whole legal fees, including attorneys' fees.

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