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User-friendly web-based CPQ solution

Easily create accurate quotes that drive sales with QuoteCloud's intuitive CPQ software. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your product catalog, allowing you to generate error-free quotes quickly. Implement dynamic pricing strategies and deliver a seamless buying experience for your customers, all through our user-friendly online CPQ platform

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Join over 10,000 others benefiting from streamlined document workflows with QuoteCloud.

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Enhance your quoting process with QuoteCloud's CPQ software

Our online tool ensures accurate quotes and speeds up response times, eliminating the need for manual corrections and data copying. With QuoteCloud's CPQ software, reclaim valuable time to concentrate on closing deals.

Leave behind complicated integrations and workarounds

QuoteCloud gets you started in days, no coding needed. Our intuitive interface ensures quick adoption for sales and operations teams. Say goodbye to lengthy training sessions with QuoteCloud's hassle-free setup.

Stand out from the competition and win big with QuoteCloud

Our CPQ software allows you to customize quotes to meet each customer's needs effortlessly. Impress prospects with visually appealing and informative quotes, providing a seamless online shopping experience. With QuoteCloud's CPQ system, empower your customers to make confident decisions with ease.


Achieve same-day deal closure with QuoteCloud

Enable online payment options for recipients to pay instantly using their preferred methods. QuoteCloud's CPQ software integrates seamlessly with trusted payment gateways to ensure security and confidentiality for all your online quotes.

 User-friendly CPQ software

Smart pricing features

Empower your sales transactions with flexible pricing options. QuoteCloud offers fixed, volume-based, and recurring pricing to enhance flexibility and efficiency


Document approvals

Equipped to handle real-world scenarios, such as multiple possible manager approvals for instances when people may not be readily available.


Awesome document editor

QuoteCloud boasts a robust configurator that streamlines product complexity, making it user-friendly for both sales representatives and administrators.


Content locking

With QuoteCloud's CPQ software, maintain control over the appearance, functionality, and pricing possibilities.


Product Bundling

Combine products into one easily selectable product bundle that will populate a price time with multiple price line items in one click action.


Smart product catalogue

QuoteCloud provides a centralized hub for all product and pricing details, ensuring easy updates, navigation, and global scalability.


Interactive price tables

Enable your prospects to independently include optional line items and add-ons just before accepting the quote with QuoteCloud. Optionally give customer control of the quantity they would like to order.


Complex Formulas

When faced with the complexity of calculating line item prices, seamlessly incorporate a hidden spreadsheet into your document. This feature allows for unlimited formula calculations and enables you to connect cell values to price table lines effortlessly.


Contract Pricing

QuoteCloud enables the creation of customer-specific pricing for your products and services, determined by contract terms you set, including percentage discounts on specific products or fixed prices.


Contract Plans

Build contract service plans, such as mobile phone plans with specific pricing of devices based on contract term.


Critical Information Specification

Automatically add critical information PDF's for contracts when added to quotes, so you are never left legally exposed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPQ software?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It's a software solution that helps businesses automate the process of generating accurate quotes for products and services.

How does CPQ software benefit my business?

CPQ software streamlines the quoting process, reduces errors, ensures pricing accuracy, improves sales efficiency, and enhances the overall customer experience.

Can QuoteCloud's CPQ software handle complex product configurations?

Yes, QuoteCloud's CPQ software is designed to handle even the most complex product configurations, allowing for customization and flexibility to meet your business needs.

Is QuoteCloud's CPQ software easy to integrate with other systems?

Yes, QuoteCloud's CPQ software offers seamless integration capabilities with various CRM, ERP, and other business systems, ensuring smooth data flow and process automation.

How can QuoteCloud's CPQ software help with pricing strategies?

QuoteCloud's CPQ software allows you to implement dynamic pricing strategies, including volume-based discounts, contract-specific pricing, and promotional offers, to optimize sales and maximize revenue.

Can QuoteCloud's CPQ software be customized to suit my business requirements?

Yes, QuoteCloud's CPQ software offers customizable features and configurations to align with your unique business processes, pricing models, and branding guidelines.

Is QuoteCloud's CPQ software scalable for growing businesses?

Absolutely, QuoteCloud's CPQ software is scalable and can adapt to the evolving needs of your business, whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise.

How secure is QuoteCloud's CPQ software?

QuoteCloud prioritizes security and compliance, ensuring that your sensitive business data is protected with robust encryption, access controls, and compliance certifications.

Can QuoteCloud's CPQ software provide insights and analytics?

Yes, QuoteCloud's CPQ software offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing you to gain valuable insights into quoting performance, sales trends, and customer behavior.

Is QuoteCloud's CPQ software user-friendly?

Yes, QuoteCloud's CPQ software is designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows, making it easy for sales teams to create, manage, and track quotes efficiently.

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