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for Construction Companies

Create, automate and close winning sales quotes in minutes instead of hours. QuoteCloud is your all-in-one closing tool for the construction industry.

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QuoteCloud for Construction Companies

QuoteCloud proves to be an indispensable tool for construction companies, significantly streamlining the creation of sales proposals and quotes for construction projects. This platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows construction professionals to effortlessly generate detailed and visually compelling sales documents. QuoteCloud enables customisation of proposals to accurately reflect the scope, timeline, and cost of construction projects.

The platform's versatility extends to pre-designed templates, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation across all sales documents. Construction companies can easily integrate essential elements, such as project specifications, materials, and labor costs, providing clients with a comprehensive overview. By simplifying the sales proposal and quote creation process, QuoteCloud not only enhances efficiency but also allows construction companies to focus on delivering high-quality projects while maintaining a polished and professional image in their interactions with clients.

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Streamline your revisions

When customers need a tweak to your sales quote, or you need to add more information and pricing, revising your quotes to create a new version needs to be quick and easy. QuoteCloud is your single source of truth and will eliminate confusion and mistakes at the most critical time.... closing the deal.

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Quick to send estimates, easy payments collection

Beat the competition with winning job estimates and winning sales quotes. QuoteCloud will make it quick to create stricking documents to send to customers, giving them interactive features such as choosing from options or adjusting the quatity to order if needed.

When your customers are comfortable to approve your sales quote, they can quickly esign and even make a payment with their approval.

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