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Optimize your sales workflow with the QuoteCloud HubSpot integration

Generate, send, electronically sign, and monitor your top sales documents directly within HubSpot CRM using the seamless QuoteCloud HubSpot integration.

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Enhance your business capabilities with the QuoteCloud and HubSpot integration

Boost the effectiveness of HubSpot CRM by integrating document generation and eSignature features through the seamless QuoteCloud integration.

Effortlessly finalize any sales document within QuoteCloud directly in HubSpot

Utilize the QuoteCloud HubSpot integration to create and modify documents from deal, contact, or company records. Begin with a template, import an existing document, or craft your proposal from the ground up. Easily monitor all documents created or sent from that record directly within HubSpot.

Boost efficiency with QuoteCloud's templates and content library, saving valuable time while maintaining brand consistency

Keep track of template usage to enhance your document workflow continuously. Prevent errors by locking content blocks from edits. Store essential assets such as case studies, testimonials, videos, and images, enabling the sales team to effortlessly incorporate them into their proposals, quotes, and contracts using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Incorporate essential data seamlessly into your documents using QuoteCloud

Automatically populate new documents with deal data, including company and prospect contact details. Both standard and custom HubSpot fields' content is added automatically. The recipient list for documents is also auto-filled from the deal record. Simply give it a final review, and your personalized proposal is ready to be sent out.

Facilitate easy contract signing with QuoteCloud

With QuoteCloud, you don't need to juggle multiple tools. All QuoteCloud plans offer legally-binding electronic signatures. Seamlessly send contracts and agreements for eSignature directly from HubSpot. Prospects can conveniently view and sign documents through the app on any device or even in-person.

Monitor document progress closely with QuoteCloud

Stay informed with real-time updates on document status delivered to your email inbox, QuoteCloud Dashboard, HubSpot Sales records (deal, contact, or company records), or the HubSpot activity timeline. Gain valuable insights into viewer engagement, including who viewed specific pages and for how long, using our document analytics feature.


Automatically populate quotes with HubSpot products using QuoteCloud

When generating a new QuoteCloud quote, all products from your HubSpot deal can populate in your in the editable pricing table, complete with pricing, quantity, and other details. Review, make any necessary adjustments, and your quote is ready to be sent.

Quickly begin using the QuoteCloud integration with HubSpot without any coding

Our integration is seamlessly integrated into our cloud application via Zapier, making it fast and simple to set up. Once enabled, you can effortlessly add or create templates, adjust your data merge settings, and start generating documents. Enjoy creating and managing your documents directly from the familiar HubSpot interface.


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How to setup QuoteCloud for Google Sheets via Zapier integration?

Step 1

Set up a Zap: Log in to your Zapier account and click on the "Make a Zap" button. Choose QuoteCloud as the trigger app and select the desired trigger event, such as "New Document Created." Then, click "Continue."

Step 2

Connect your QuoteCloud account: Follow the prompts to connect your QuoteCloud account to Zapier. You may need to enter your QuoteCloud API key or authorize Zapier to access your QuoteCloud account.

Step 3

Configure the action: After connecting QuoteCloud, choose HubSpot as the action app. Select the action you want to perform in HubSpot, such as "Create Contact" or "Create Deal." Follow the prompts to connect your HubSpot account and map the fields from QuoteCloud to HubSpot. Once you've configured the action, click "Continue" to test your Zap and turn it on

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the integration between HubSpot and QuoteCloud via Zapier? The integration between HubSpot and QuoteCloud via Zapier allows users to automate tasks and streamline workflows by connecting data between HubSpot and QuoteCloud.

How do I set up the integration between HubSpot and QuoteCloud via Zapier? To set up the integration, you need to create a Zap (automation) in Zapier. Choose HubSpot as the trigger app and QuoteCloud as the action app, then follow the prompts to authenticate your accounts and set up the desired workflow.

What actions can I automate between HubSpot and QuoteCloud using Zapier? With Zapier, you can automate various actions such as creating new contacts or deals in HubSpot based on data in QuoteCloud, updating QuoteCloud documents with information from HubSpot, triggering actions in QuoteCloud based on changes in HubSpot, and much more.

Can I automatically generate documents in QuoteCloud from HubSpot data? Yes, you can automatically generate documents in QuoteCloud using data from HubSpot. This allows for seamless document creation and eliminates the need for manual entry.

How does the integration handle updates to data in HubSpot? The integration ensures that any updates made to data in HubSpot are reflected in real-time within QuoteCloud. This includes changes to existing records or the addition of new data.

Can I create HubSpot contacts or deals from QuoteCloud data? Absolutely! You can create new contacts or deals in HubSpot directly from QuoteCloud data using Zapier. This streamlines the process of managing contacts and deals across both platforms.

Does the integration support bi-directional syncing between HubSpot and QuoteCloud? Yes, the integration supports bi-directional syncing, meaning data can flow seamlessly between HubSpot and QuoteCloud in both directions. Changes made in either platform will be reflected in the other automatically.

How reliable is the integration between HubSpot and QuoteCloud via Zapier? The integration is highly reliable and ensures smooth data transfer between HubSpot and QuoteCloud. Zapier's robust platform ensures that automation workflows run efficiently and without interruption.

Can I customize the integration to suit my specific workflow needs? Yes, Zapier allows for extensive customization, allowing you to tailor the integration to fit your unique workflow requirements. You can create custom Zaps with specific triggers and actions to automate tasks exactly as needed.

Where can I find help or support if I encounter any issues with the integration? If you encounter any issues or have questions about using the integration, you can reach out to Zapier's support team or consult their help documentation. Additionally, QuoteCloud and HubSpot may provide support resources to assist with integration-related inquiries.

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