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QuoteCloud is integrated with Sabre GDS.  

Itineraries created with Sabre GDS can be opened directly in QuoteCloud so that sales consultants can add any additional information you want, such as destination guides, photo's, PDF brochures, promotional videos and so much more.

QuoteCloud - Sales Quote, Sales Proposal and Contracts Software - Enhanced Itineraries with Sabre GDS - illustration c930d6b7-d1e6-4ac9-9740-3e5bc2fabd25
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Artificial Intelligence

Introducing AI to revolutionise travel itinerary segments involves harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to craft dynamic and personalised destination guides. By employing advanced language models, AI can analyse vast amounts of travel information, curate engaging narratives, and offer tailored recommendations based on individual preferences. This innovative approach ensures that travel itineraries are not only informative but also uniquely catered to each traveler's interests, creating a more immersive and memorable experience. From suggesting hidden gems to providing local events and best places to visit, AI-driven destination guides aim to elevate the travel planning process, making it more efficient, enjoyable, and attuned to the diverse preferences of modern explorers.

Adding Rich Content

QuoteCloud transforms the travel agency landscape by empowering agents to enhance the value of travel itineraries through multimedia-rich content. With QuoteCloud, travel agents can seamlessly integrate captivating elements such as images, videos, text blocks, and PDFs into itinerary segments. This innovative platform not only streamlines the itinerary creation process but also elevates the customer experience by providing a visual and interactive representation of the proposed travel journey. Agents can now showcase destination highlights, accommodation options, and activity suggestions with vivid imagery, share insightful videos, and include detailed text blocks for a comprehensive overview. By incorporating diverse multimedia content, QuoteCloud ensures that travel itineraries become immersive, informative, and tailored to meet the unique preferences of each customer, ultimately creating a more engaging and memorable travel planning experience.

How does QuoteCloud work with Sabre?

QuoteCloud's integration with Sabre marks a transformative leap in travel document creation, offering a seamless and professional solution for travel agents. By harnessing the power of Sabre's comprehensive travel data and combining it with QuoteCloud's intuitive platform, agents can effortlessly generate enhanced, professionally styled travel documents. QuoteCloud's unique feature automatically styles travel itnierary segments, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing presentation (with 5 predesign style options). Moreover, the platform allows users to take personalization a step further by designing and implementing custom itinerary segment styles (costs apply to design an install), catering to the specific branding or preferences of each travel agency.

The flexibility extends to document templates, resembling the functionality of MS Word template documents. This enables agents to preload essential content such as terms and conditions, payment options, and general document styling, streamlining the document creation process and ensuring consistency across all client interactions. QuoteCloud thus emerges as a powerful tool for travel agents, combining the robust data from Sabre with the creativity and customization options essential for delivering exceptional travel documents to clients.

Overview of QuoteCloud with Sabre GDS

Using Sabre GDS (Global Distribution System) with QuoteCloud for the generation of travel itineraries offers several benefits, streamlining the process of creating well-formatted travel documents. This integration enhances the overall efficiency of travel management and ensures a seamless experience for both travel agents and travelers. Key benefits include:

Why Enhance a Travel Intinerary/Quote with QuoteCloud?

Enhancing an itinerary generated from Sabre in QuoteCloud involves adding supplementary details, customisations, and personalised touches to create a comprehensive and visually appealing travel document. QuoteCloud makes this process very easy:

By incorporating these enhancements, QuoteCloud can transform a basic itinerary generated from Sabre into a comprehensive and engaging travel document. The goal is to provide travelers with not only essential travel details but also a personalised and enjoyable pre-travel experience.

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