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Enable Stripe payments within QuoteCloud

Easily collect online payments and request eSignatures directly from critical documents, accessible from any device.

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Accelerate payment processing

Easily request payments and configure automated reminders with a simple click.

Automatically create invoices

Incorporate a Stripe editable payment block to define payee details and payment terms and conditions. The payment amount is automatically filled with the pricing total from the pricing table within your QuoteCloud document. Customize the percentage or establish a fixed fee.

Solicit advance payments effortlessly

Specify the percentage of the total amount to be paid upon document signing. If customers have the option to select from additional items or adjust quantities, the Stripe payment amount is automatically calculated for the chosen/adjusted items.

Ensured payment security

Stripe holds PCI Level 1 certification, the highest level attainable for payment processors. As a Stripe Verified Partner, QuoteCloud adheres to the rigorous standards outlined in the Stripe Integration Security Guide.

Create documents with predefined payment configurations

Utilize custom templates to generate documents with pre-established payment settings, including payment details and payment calculation methods for each new document derived from the template

Monitor payment statuses seamlessly

Track payment statuses directly from your QuoteCloud dashboard. Upon receiving payment, the document status transitions to Paid automatically.



Streamline your payment collection process effortlessly

Through our Stripe integration, your customers will automatically receive a payment request upon signing your proposal, quote, or contract within QuoteCloud.

Facilitate convenient payment options for customers

Offer a range of secure payment methods, allowing customers to utilize their preferred online payment method, including debit cards and credit cards, within QuoteCloud.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud? ntegrating Stripe with QuoteCloud allows you to streamline your payment process directly within your document workflow, enabling you to collect payments seamlessly from your customers.

How does using Stripe with QuoteCloud improve efficiency? By integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud, you can automate payment requests and processing, eliminating the need for manual invoicing and payment tracking. This saves time and reduces administrative overhead.

Can customers easily make payments through QuoteCloud with Stripe? Yes, customers can make payments conveniently through QuoteCloud using Stripe. They can choose from various secure payment methods, including debit cards and credit cards, making the payment process hassle-free.

How does integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud benefit businesses? Integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud enhances cash flow by expediting the payment collection process. It also improves customer satisfaction by offering convenient and secure payment options directly within the document workflow.

Does using Stripe with QuoteCloud improve payment visibility and tracking? Absolutely. Integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud provides real-time visibility into payment statuses, allowing businesses to track payments directly within their document management system. This enhances transparency and facilitates better financial management.

Can Stripe integrated with QuoteCloud help businesses reduce payment delays? Yes, integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud enables businesses to request payments automatically upon document signing, reducing payment delays and accelerating cash flow.

How does using a payment gateway like Stripe with QuoteCloud enhance security? Stripe is a highly secure payment gateway that encrypts sensitive payment information, ensuring transactions are safe and compliant with industry standards. Integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud adds an additional layer of security to the payment process.

Does integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud require technical expertise? No, integrating Stripe with QuoteCloud via Zapier is straightforward and does not require technical expertise. Zapier provides a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to set up the integration quickly and easily.

Can businesses customize payment requests and settings with Stripe integrated with QuoteCloud? Yes, businesses can customize payment requests and settings according to their specific requirements. They can define payment amounts, payment terms, and other payment-related details to suit their needs.

What are the key advantages of using Stripe integrated with QuoteCloud compared to traditional payment methods? The key advantages include faster payment processing, improved efficiency, enhanced security, better payment visibility and tracking, and increased customer satisfaction. Overall, Stripe integrated with QuoteCloud offers a modern and streamlined approach to payment collection, benefiting both businesses and customers.

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